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"Management studies for free"

The modification of 1996 LXXXVII. Act as 1999 LXII. Act. 1st § makes it possible for companies that 0.5% of their yearly gross wages - that is one third of their compulsory vocational training contribution - could be devoted to own employees' education if the program has a Certification issued by county labour centres and held in accordance with the education programs accepted by competent county vocational.

In this way a significant amount of "tax" could be spent on trainings serving the company's interest.

There are administrative regulations of using vocational contribution in this way. The educating institution has to have a Certificate at its disposal issued by the Professional Committee that Certificate is a primary professional filter, which guarantee quality through professional examination of training programs.

All Euro-Contact Business School's business administration program without exception has this Certificate that makes possible for companies to educate their employees "for free" on the following programs of Euro-Contact Business School:

  • general management,
  • marketing,
  • economics,
  • human resources,
  • change management,
  • strategic management.

Training needs are to put in to the Professional Committee.

We can provide full-scale assistance in administration required for employing 0.5% of vocational funds, so HR associates can work out this task quickly and easily.

Hundreds of students started their education at the management programs of Euro-Contact Business School according to the possibilities provided by the Act quoted above. It is partly due to the high level of education and partly the fact that Euro-Contact Business School undertakes the administrative tasks of authorisation.

The registration number of Certificate issued by Budapest Labour Centre for Euro-Contact Business School.

We willingly give information about details either by phone or via e-mail.
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