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Trust and opportunity
Strategic partnership with Open University Business School

 In 1989 the British Open University with the assistance of the British Know-How Found first in Hungary then in the Middle-European Region established a long-term partnership for introducing and shaping an Open University-like high level distance education and business education. During in the past 17 years the Open University has qualified our institution in Hungary (our regional partners are in Slovakia, Check Republic, Russia, Bulgaria and Romania) to individually

  • maintain a business education program that stands up to West-European standards,
  • be able to provide a distance education of which level is equal to the one of Open University (WorldClass) including course material development, tutor training and all related activities - registration, trainings, developing education system, monitoring, interrogation and operating examination boards.

As a result of this knowledge transfer Open University has generated in Hungary (and in the above mentioned five other countries) institutions that operate exactly in the same way as Open University does. It was declared ceremoniously in Budapest on 28 August, 2000.

2003 -the eve of Hungary's accession to EU - has brought a new quality step forward in the fourteen-year-long partnership when our institution - the first and sole so far among the partners of Open University - was trusted and got the chance to educate - based on the distance education traditions, training methods, course materials of Open University and as an equal strategic partner - whole courses independently and to issue the related Hungarian qualification.

The strategic co-operation of our institutions - besides gaining the right to educate independently - covers the followings among others:

  • phasing course material development;
  • co-ordinating the development of education methods;
  • phasing quality assurance of education;
  • co-operation in selection, training and qualification of tutors;
  • phasing organisational development researches concerning the region.
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