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Philosophy of Euro-Contact Business School

Since their foundation our institutions have been driven by the intention of providing our students with such an education that helps them in their jobs in practice, widen their network and helps their professional career. We are proud of the fact that this intention in the past 17 years could have entirely been fulfilled and through our education we could provide effective help for those who consider professional knowledge of primary importance in keeping competitiveness, increasing efficiency, and in their own managerial effectiveness.

We believe that knowledge is carried by its students and teachers and not by the walls of an institution. A teaching staff that is able to provide answers even in practice to these days' managerial issues and open to knowledge provided of students' practice, and a student community that wants and able to apply the factual knowledge in practice.

Our educational credo

We build an institution where knowledge is not in the walls but in practice of our tutors and students and their co-operation. We promise that each of our students gaining European thorough grounding becomes the bearer of success both of themselves and their company by this co-operation.

The initial - exclusively educational - activity of Euro-Contact Business School has become a complex management development system that is attained by operating three, very closely related autonomous area:

The provided training programs, the formation of internal development plans and the arrangement of trainings are always adjusted to the needs of the company keeping the strategic goals of organisation in view and striving for the highest possible quality.
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