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Euro-Contact Business School

Euro-Contact Business School as the sole representative of the British Open University Business School has become one of the largest distant education business school of highest standard since its formation in 1989. We are very proud of the fact that in the period since its formation the most important achievements of our institution are at the same time the milestones of Hungarian business administration, too. During this period:

  • we have established the background of distant multimedia-based business administration;
  • we have become a dominant participant in business administration of West-European standard that provides international qualification in Hungary;
  • by adapting nearly 20,000 pages of management literature and 250 hours of training we have significantly contributed to the establishment of Hungarian management literature that stands up to both international and Hungarian standards of the given market;
  • we have worked out the whole professional and examination system of Hungarian intermediate and higher level business administration (10/1995 MKM);
  • we are members of all significant professional bodies that are related to distant education and business administration;
  • in 1997 the British Ministry of Education's HEQC - Higher Education Quality Council - qualified our institution's staff members, tutors, course materials, applied training methods and service level outstanding as a whole;
  • being one of the firsts we have established and still continuously improve an Internet-based interactive education method and its methodology that is considered leading even internationally;
  • to the invitation of the Ministry of Education we have worked out the detailed central training programme of the Hungarian competency- and school-system based intermediate and higher education business administration that acts upon international standards;
  • Euro-Contact Business School became the regular member of the European Foundation for Management Development based on its resolution on 16 August, 1999;
  • we took the initiative and in August 2000, at the 10th anniversary of our institution's foundation we established the Central and Eastern European Network of Open University Business School in the presence of six countries' ambassadors and the representatives of Ministry of Education and Ministry of Economy. The Network of 12,000 students was established by Open University Business School's Central-European strategic partners;
  • as from 2003 Open University Business School recognised our institution as a strategic partner of equal rank and allowed us of autonomous teaching its course methodology and materials and also issuing the relating qualifications independently. Euro-Contact Business School has reached this unique position first among the OUBS's partners in the region.
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