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frequently asked questions:

What is MBA?

  • The highest level of international managerial diplomas. (Originally Anglo-Saxon, i.e. English or American) More info >>

What qualification could be obtained at Euro-Contact Business School?

  • Completing one course only, a certificate from Euro-Contact Business School.
  • Completing MBA course: Open University Business School's "Master of Business Administration" qualification. More info >>

What is the main difference between (Hungarian) university and international MBA?

  • The main difference is between the types of the two institutions: the Hungarian representatives of foreign partner provide international qualification and Hungarian universities' Hungarian business courses. In the first place the practice-focused education system, the possibility to study while having a full-time job due to distant education, the language of studies and the international recognition could be considered as most important elements of comparison.
    Hungarian universities' business education is held in the Hungarian traditional education system. This is rather a correspondence study (weekly consultations) and provides theoretical education. In general they educate in Hungarian and in English, with a qualification that could be obtained in a shorter period of time that is - with a much cheaper fee - a serious competitive advantage of Hungarian universities. As a matter of fact they provide high level of general economic knowledge. Typically with university-, "academic" tutors, in big lecture theatres that accommodate hundreds of students.
    Those who really need managerial skills and knowledge, MBA qualification, usually do not have time for education in Hungarian institutions that requires frequent occupation. MBA is essentially for top managers but there are places where it considered as a top of a modular system.
    We recommend intermediate management studies for middle managers, higher management studies for middle and top managers and MBA especially for top managers having several years of managerial experience. Everybody is to decide what and up to what level is worth to study. More info >>

How long does it take to complete the education?

  • Our half-year-long courses could be completed separately and according to their actual needs the students can accomplish them in optional order. More info >>

How much occupation does it involve?

  • One consultation monthly (2 hours on a weekday evening). It is advised to take part in consultations but they are not compulsory.
  • Completing essays (the length of essays depends on the course undertaken, usually 3 essays).
  • One (occasionally two) residential weekend(s) per semester.
  • A three-hour-long written examination at the end of semester. More info >>

Where are these qualifications recognised?

  • In case of MBA qualification it is recognised in all 35 countries where Open University is present (more detailed information can be found in the Strategic Partners menu).
  • Both our intermediate and higher general managerial educational programs provide a Hungarian state qualification that equals to the British/EU NVQ4 and NVQ5 (NVQ: National Vocational Qualification) level professional education. More info >>

What previously studied subjects exempt from certain modules?

  • Studies completed earlier (in university or college) do not exempt from our modules.
  • Exemption could only be given in special cases, judged individually.

How many students are in a group?

  • In general there are 10-15 students in a work group.

How many students study at Euro-Contact Business School?

  • Around 100 students per semesters.

Who are the tutors at Euro-Contact Business School?

  • Managers having practical, managerial experience, and also university, college teachers, professors.

What are the payment terms?

  • Fees are payable before starting studies. Students paying their own fees have an opportunity for instalment (60% at the beginning of semester, the remaining 40% at the end of semester) and they can apply for financial assistance from the 1% of income taxes offered to our institution. More info >>

What are the possibilities if a company assumes payment?

  • Our intermediate and higher level managerial education can be financed from vocational contribution or can be accounted as cost. More info >>
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